About Us

HomeDoggy was created in 2002 by Rodrigo Leite (Chief of operation and shop manager.) The main goal is to provide outstanding animal care, excellent product, service and build a long-term relationship with our customers.

Our first facility is located in the heart of Park Slope, offering a total area of over 1600 square feet with air conditioning and heating system for: grooming, daycare and boarding. Our accommodations allow for between 60-80 dogs at a time. Our dog and cat handlers are confident, professional and love their career!

The Certified Professional Dog Groomers are all hired by Rodrigo himself and our groomers’ credentials must consist of excellent handling, creative and technical skills. Our 1400 square foot indoor dog run is a perfect gym for your athletic dog to exercise, play or take a nap at their leisure. Our customers can trust that day or night, a handler will always be present!

Additionally, we’re thrilled to announce the opening of our new location, Homedoggy II, located at 461 7th Avenue. Here, we provide top-notch daycare and grooming services. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information! At HomeDoggy II, we maintain the same high standards of grooming and care that you’ve come to expect from us. Our space is not only beautiful but also designed with your pet’s comfort and happiness in mind. If you’d like to take a virtual tour of our facilities, please click on the  link for a Virtual Tour

“I am very passionate about my profession. I love dogs and cats and take this company extremely seriously”. – Rodrigo

About Rodrigo:

Rod is a New Yorker, born and bred in Brazil. Prior to coming to the USA in early 1996, life was quite different in the northeast regions of Brazil. Growing up in the household with a pack of dogs, a tropical fish tank of a thousand gallons, birds, iguanas, monkeys, cats, chickens, poisonous snakes and near a tropical rainforest. He is no stranger to nature. Owning three horses and riding them bareback. Fishing up and down the coast and exploring the abundance and rich marine life. Fishing the home coral reef and underwater hunting and spearfishing. As well as surfing the equator’s warm waters.

In 1998 Leite volunteered for the New York aquarium, at the Marine mammal department. Then he went to Central Park zoo where he did a full-time internship. At last he became a wild animal keeper at the Prospect Park Zoo. In 2000 Rodrigo resigned his job at the zoo and moved to Connecticut where he attended dog grooming school, graduating top in class from Connecticut K9 Educational Center. “I love grooming and handling dogs, to me it doesn’t feel like work. I am good at it because I was given the skills and that is one of my purposes in life”.