Day Care

We offer a full range of services to suit all of your dog’s needs. Our 1400 square foot indoor dog run is a perfect gym for your athletic dog to exercise, play or take a nap at their leisure.

Safety and cleanliness are our primary concerns. Therefore, our daily full-day daycare rates include plenty of playtime and supervision with our highly trained dog handlers. Our staff is always on site to monitor your dog’s needs, whether it is exerting energy or laying down for a nap! If you wish to have grooming or a groomer’s bath during daycare for your furry friend, we will only charge you for half day care!

Please remember to send the vaccination records for your beloved furry friends, Homedoggy 1, to, and for Homedoggy 2, to Thank you

Daycare lunch: The owner provides lunch, but we also offer delicious and nutritious homemade treats at HomeDoggy, our brand Treat Ranch.


  • Full Day: $49
  • ½ Day (up to 5 hours): $37

Package: 10+1 Pack

  • Full Day Package: $490 (savings $49)
  • ½ Day Package: $370 (savings $37)

Package: 20+3 Pack

  • Full Day Package:  $980 (savings $147)
  • ½ Day Package: $740 (savings $111)

Package: 30+4 Pack

  • Full Day Package::  $1470 (savings $196 + FREE GROOMERS BATH)
  • ½ Day Package::  $1110 (savings $148 + NAILS + TEETH)


  • 30 minute dog walk for $20. For boarders will be: $18
  • Package of 10 walks IF DAY CARE:  $180
  • Packages of 10 walks + 1 IF BOARDING: $180 (If you don’t use all your walks during boarding, you can also use them for daycare

Our  Daycare Packages or Walk Packages will not expire for 365 days, giving you plenty of time to use them and provide discount over single day by day purchase of daycare. Siblings receive 25% discount.

Treat Ranch Pet

Your pet’s ultimate treat destination! Our all-natural treats are packed with high-quality proteins, essential vitamins, and minerals to keep your furry friend healthy and happy. With no additives or preservatives, you can trust Treat Ranch to provide worry-free indulgence. Give your pet the best treatment! Feel free to add a bag of our products during their stay with us. Take a look at what we offer Treat Ranch

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