Who will watch my dog in dayacre? How will I know my dog will be safe?

At HomeDoggy, safety is our primary concern. Your dog will always be supervised. We will always have highly trained dog handlers in the play area supervising your dog at all times. Our dog walkers are also trained to ensure your dog has a calm and peaceful experience when out for a walk. If your dog is boarding at HomeDoggy, we have 24-hour overnight staff staying to ensure your dog is taken care of and supervised at night.

Is my dog crated when boarding? is the facility cage free?

HomeDoggy is a cage free facility. However, there are times when crating may be appropriate to help a dog relax or suit a particular dog’s needs. This is managed by our highly trained staff of dog handlers. Our boarding suites have ample room for your dog to walk, drink, sleep and rest. Crating is an option if we believe your dog’s rest and safety is better ensured by crating in the evening hours.

Does my dog get to go outside at all?

Yes. HomeDoggy is an indoor facility but we ensure all dogs who stay for a full day of daycare are walked by our trained dog walkers. Our front desk staff will coordinate with our dog walkers to ensure that your dog is walked and exercised outside of the facility during the day.

What happens if my dog is injured or falls ill?

We take every step to ensure your dog’s safety at HomeDoggy. If your dog is injured or falls ill we will immediately evaluate the situation, notify you, and seek veterinary care if needed.

My dog takes medication. Can you administer medication for my dog?

Yes. Please provide medication and instructions and our staff will be happy to administer any medication for your dog.

Do you provide food if I need my dog fed?

If your dog is boarding at HomeDoggy or needs food during a full day of daycare, we ask that you provide your dog’s food from home. A random change in diet, can upset a dogs digestive system. In the event that we need to feed your dog and do not have ample food provided, we will make all efforts to seek out your dog’s brand of food. Additional fees may apply.

My dog has a special toy/blanket/pillow/bed etc. that I would like to bring for boarding. Can I bring that for my dog?

We encourage you to bring something familiar for your dog for their boarding stay at HomeDoggy. We have beds and bowls. However, a familiar toy or blanket is always a nice comfort from home.

Do you separate small dogs and large dogs?

It’s often the case in a controlled, supervised situation like HomeDoggy that most (almost all) small and large dogs do well together. It actually often the case that smaller dogs and larger dogs are the best of companions. We do have the ability to separate and divide our play area as necessary. We like to divide by energy level more than dog size. A chill area for dogs to nap, another for them to play fetch or just horseplay.

I see dogs in daycare that live in my neighborhood/building/etc. that do not behave well. Are they allowed in daycare with my dog?

A dog is admitted to HomeDoggy only if they pass our temperament test. One should also recognize that dogs will behave differently in different environments and when supervised in the proper manner. The same dog you see that do not behave well on leash with a specific person, might very well be a completely different dog in our day care. All dogs that are permitted to be in HomeDoggy, either for daycare, boarding or grooming, are evaluated by our staff prior.

Why does my dog have to be neutered or spayed to be allowed to come to HomeDoggy?

Hormones kick in after about six months for dogs. This can lead to unwanted attention, behavior and even aggression with both male and female dogs. This can result in fights between dogs therefore we require all dogs be neutered or spayed before they come to HomeDoggy. Our utmost priority is safety of all dogs and staff. Unneutered younger dogs, whom have not yet come of age, will be evaluated on a case by case basis (they of course are still required to have all final round of shots).

What vaccinations does my dog need to go to HomeDoggy?

We follow requirement set by the NYC Department of Health and require all dogs to be currently vaccinated against Rabies, DHPP (distemper, hepatitis (adevnovirus), parainfluenza, and parvo) and Bordetella. Bordetella is required every 6 months. Please consult with your veterinarian to ensure your dog has the proper vaccine coverage. Puppy must have their full set of vaccinations before they are admitted to HomeDoggy. A current copy of your dog’s vaccinations from your veterinarian will be requested by HomeDoggy staff. We keep records of your dog’s vaccination expiration dates to help you keep your dog current with his/her vaccinations.

  • For Homedoggy 1, please send vaccination records to: vaccinationhd@gmail.com.
  • For Homedoggy 2, please send vaccination records to: vaccinationhd2@gmail.com.